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Lunes 9 de Julio 2018

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Asian Stocks to Track U.S. Gains

By Adam Haigh and Jeremy Herron 9 de julio de 2018

Stocks in Asia look set to extend recent gains, following U.S. shares higher, amid optimism the upcoming earnings season will be sufficiently robust to overshadow a rise in trade tensions. The dollar gained versus major peers and Treasuries retreated ...

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Here's How a Trade War Between the U.S. and China Could Get Ugly

By Andrew Mayeda and Jenny Leonard

The first shot of the U.S.-China trade war went off without much of a reaction from investors. The calm may be short lived.

For months, financial markets have been bracing for President Donald Trump to follow through with threats of tariffs against China. So it came as little surprise when the U.S. implemented duties on $34 billion in Chinese imports on Friday, as planned, and Beijing retaliated proportionately.

Now comes the hard part for forecasters.

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Will Brexit still happen after Theresa May's political crisis?

London (CNN)

Theresa May is facing the most serious crisis of her premiership after her foreign secretary and minister in charge of Brexit resigned within hours of each other. David Davis, the Brexit secretary, and his colleague Boris Johnson dramatically quit over what they see as a watering down of the UK's position on leaving the European Union. So what does this mean for the British Prime Minister, and does it mean that Brexit is any more or less likely to happen?

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Panorama Político

AMLO se reunirá cada 3 meses con Concamin para “gobernar juntos”

lun 09 jul 2018 11:08

México.- El virtual presidente electo, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, dijo que se reunirá con la Confederación de Cámaras Industriales (Concamin) cada tres meses para evaluar y darle el seguimiento a los acuerdos para poder “gobernar juntos”.